Welcome to Etectik.com. We are here to help you take your business to next level.
If you don't hear about your business in your community, the chances are your customers won't hear about it either.
Promoting business is not about the best promotional poster or intro video clip of the business, nor it's about the nicest website. It is the combination of all of the above. We are photographers, filmmakers, web designers and internet marketers.


We are really good at what we do. To prove our superiority we dare you to achieve the following task.
Call and shop around for
1- a professional photographer.
2- a professional video producer
3- a professional web designer to design you a decent website
4- a graphic designer
5- a web programer
6- SEO or an internet marketer
7- an advertising agent who understands your community and local businesses and while your at it try to negotiate with TV networks, radio stations, magazines and etc… to get the best deal.
Sum up all the costs, prices and efforts that you need to put towards all these.
Now before you get depressed and close down your business all together, give us a call and hear about our pricing.